​​Aetna Health Insurance Login | Make a Payment

Aetna Health Insurance Login | Make a Payment
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The Aetna health insurance login allow its policyholders to make payments 24*7 online via a smart device and internet connectivity, and manage their policies, without much difficulty. Here, you pay off your premiums by using your credit/debit card or EFT. Here, in this post, we complete stepwise guideline on how to log in, the procedure to register, make non-login payments, mobile access, and more.

How to Aetna Login?

Step 1 : Visit the homepage of the Aetna’s website, and there see for login button, click for the sign in form to load

Aetna Health Insurance Login Homepage

Step 2 : Now you will be taken to sign in form, where you need to enter your username and password, then hit the secure login button, to access your account.

Aetna Health Insurance Signin

Forgot username : Have you forgot your username? Don’t worry, hit the link forgot username. On the redirected page, you will be asked to enter your social security number or your member ID. After adding your details hit the continue button.

Aetna Health Insurance Forgot Username

Forgot Password : In order to reset your password, hit on the link at the below side of the login button, and there enter your date of birth and password into the input fields. Then, continue to reset your password.

Aetna Health Insurance Forgot Password

Keep in mind, with Aetna website, you can ask for Ann virtual assistant, if you have trouble logging.

How to Enroll

Step 1 : Land on the homepage of the Aetna website, and look for the register link.

Aetna Health Insurance Register

Step 2 : From step 1 will be taken to the member area, where hit the register now link.

Aetna Health Insurance Enroll

Step 3 – Choose how you want to register. You can pick from your social security number and your member ID number. You have to enter your name, date of birth and zip code. To Process Click on ‘Continue’.

Aetna Health Insurance Personal Information

Step 4 : Now, create your login credentials, your username and password, following the instructions presented on that page. Then, tick the terms and conditions, and edit your profile.

Mobile Login

Step 1: On the browser of your cell phone, enter the link mobile.aetna.com

Aetna Health Insurance Mobile Login

Step 2 : Just like the personal computer login, enter your username and password and then hit the secure login button.

Aetna Health Insurance Secure Mobile Login

Non-Login Payment

With Aetna, you have the luxury to pay secure payment without login.

Step 1 : Visit the premium page of the website, and hit the use this link.

Aetna Health Insurance Non Login Payment

Step 2 : Now, input your account number, then hit the continue button. After that, you will be asked to enter your previous invoice details.

Aetna Health Insurance Non Login Payment Details

Make a Claim

You can make easy claims if you are been operate by a doctor of the Aetna network. However, in case, you avail out of network healthcare services, you can also file your claim.