​​Aetna Dental Insurance Login | Make a Payment

Aetna Dental Insurance Login | Make a Payment
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The Aetna dental insurance login allows its policyholders to pay off their premiums, manage their policy 24*7 online on the official website of the company. To make the payment for your dental insurance policy, you can use your EFT or debit/credit card. For more information on this, roll down to take a look at the process to login, non-login payment, mobile login, make a payment, and much more:

How to Aetna Dental Insurance Login?​

Step 1 : First of all, visit the homepage (https://www.aetna.com/index.html) of the Aetna website, and there see for the button login for the sign-in form to load.

Aetna Health Insurance Login Homepage

Step 2 : Once you hit the login button, you will be taken to the login on the next page. There enter your username and password. After that hit the button secure login button to sign in.

Aetna Health Insurance Member Login

Forgot username : In case, you've forgotten your username, you can retrieve it by providing your certain personal details. You need to enter your social security number or your member Id, along with your date of birth, ZIP code, and your name.

Aetna Health Insurance Forgot Username

How to Enroll?

Step 1 : Visit the homepage of the website, and their hit the register link.

Aetna Health Insurance Register

Step 2 : The register link will take you to the next step, and there provide your social security number or your member ID. Also, provide your ZIP code, date of birth, name, and then hit the button continue to move to the next step.

Aetna Health Insurance Personal Details

Step 3 : After providing your details, you will taken to a page where you have to create login create. Here, you also have to read and accept terms and conditions. The, select your preferences, and make changes to your profile online.

Mobile Login

 Step 1 :  On the browser of your cell phone, enter https://mobile.aetna.com in the search field.

Aetna Health Insurance Mobile Login

Step 2 : Now, input your username and password, then hit the secure login.

Aetna Health Insurance Mobile Login

Non – Login Payment

Aetna insurance login give you the luxury to pay off your premiums both with or without login.

Step 1 : On the pay page your premium, hit the "use this link".

Aetna Health Insurance Non Login Payment

Step 2 : Now, you will be asked to provide your account number, and then click the continue button. You also need to provide your previous inovice details to make the next payment.

Aetna Health Insurance Non Login Payment Account Number

Make a Claim

If the dentist of the company's network recommend you a procedure, then you can easily file a claim. However, if you avail the services of a dentist out of network, you can also submit your claim.