​Capital Insurance Group Login | Make a Payment

Capital Insurance Group Login | Make a Payment
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The Capital Insurance Group Login user portal gives you the luxury to view your details, make payments, and file claims while being in any part of the world. All you need is a personal computer, laptop, or an even smartphone will work fine to login into the account of Capital Insurance Group. However, first of all, create an account on the official website of CIG.

Capital Insurance Group, since it's established, has nurtured to become the most illustrious business insurance firm operating the greater Washington, Metropolitan DC area.

Once, you have created an account on the CIG website, you can view or link to your policies Here, in this post, we put forth a compelling guide on how to create and can login account on CIG, how to reset the login credentials, and lastly, to submit an accident claim.

How To Capital Insurance Group Login?

Step 1: Firstly, visit the official website of Capital Insurance Group, and then, see for the login link there. Once you find that, click the ‘login>customer’ link.

Step 2: After pressing the login button, a login box will appear, where you need to fill the login credentials- User ID and the Password there.  Then, hit ‘MyPolicy’ link to access your CIG user account.

In Case of Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten the password, don’t worry you can retrieve it easily. Just visit the homepage of the CIG website, and click the ‘Forgot Your Password’ link button there. Enter the email address you have registered with and the policy number you have enrolled with CIG into the forget my password credential box. Then, hit the ‘Send Password’ link. Now, the website will automatically drop your CIG password on your registered email address.

How to Create a user account on Capital Insurance Group website

​​​​Step 1: On the login page of the CIG website, hit the button ‘Create Your Online Profile.’

Step 2: Here, you need to pick a username and password, which is not selected by any other member of the CIG policy number and email address. Then, opt for an easy method to verify your account, via account number, business name, and last name.  And, lastly, click the ‘Submit Profile’ button to finish creating a CIG profile.

How to Make a Payment?  

Step 1: Move to the login screen of the CIG website, put in your login credentials- username and password, and then click the ‘Easy-Pay’

Step 2: Fill your payment details and make the payment, using your credit card or any other payment method.

How to Fill a Claim?

You can file accident claim by signing into your CIG profile, via your website or mobile app. However, it is important to report your accident just by placing a call at the service centre of CIG 800-989-9974. For more details regarding the claim process check out this link.