Christian Healthcare Ministries Insurance Reviews

Christian Healthcare Ministries Insurance Reviews
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Being a not-for-profit model for sharing medical costs of each other in the Christian community, Christian Healthcare Ministries Insurance reviews are positive from people, those who are an existing members of this network. The primary eligibility criteria to enrol for this insurance policy is that person should not be a regular consumer of illegal drugs and tobacco. Moreover, Christian Healthcare Ministries Insurance ratings are five-star by experts and the Christian community. 

Insurance Policies Offered by Christian Healthcare Ministries Insurance

The company offer three variations of insurance programs that any applicant can sign up. These include Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The user membership is classified in terms of ‘units,’ where one individual is equal to one unit, and up to three units can be purchased at maximum. Additionally, CHMI company also provide group memberships for churches school, ministries, etc.

The Current Scenario

At present, the Christian healthcare ministries paid off $2.5 billion for medical bills. Founded in the year 1981, CHMI company is 501(c)(3 tax-exempt organisation). The history of this company takes us back to the time as New Testament times. The origin of this company is on Galatians 6:2 and Acts 2 and 4.